This project is an invitation to break the taboo. An inspiration and information channel for the ones who go through the grieving process and the ones who want to help


The best way to keep in touch with us is by e-mail

Or by our press accessory: Circular Comunicação 55 11 3796-5054 / 55 11 3796-5059


Do you have any doubts? See below if it was already answered. In case you can't find na answer for your question, contact us!

Do you hold meetings? What is the agenda for events?

The ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’ is a digital project of communication and we don`t have the purpose to do therapy or presential meetings. However, we are glad to promote the ones who hold these activities in many cities of the country.

I would like to volunteer. How can I help?

The first step is writing to: [email protected] . We have a list of fixed activities, but as the demands come up, we announce them to registered volunteers to see who is available at the moment.

I want to tell my story. How do I post it here?

We know that for many people, speaking and writing is good. We encourage writing and we have created an open area on the site called Confessional for those who want to send their story. There is no direct posting of content, but it can be of inspiration for new posts and discussions here.


I want to collaborate financially with the project. Do you accept donations or partnerships of companies?

Wow, great news. This project exists only because dozens of people bet on it and helped it financially. The work of the founders is voluntary, but we have costs to produce materials and maintain the site. With more resources, it is possible to produce more and help more people. We are open to talk to individuals and companies since the goal is just one: to support the experience of mourning. Contact by email: [email protected]


What is your story? What losses you have gone through?

Of course many people want to know about our grieving process, although we have no problem talking about it, we always say that our stories are not as important as all the others we hear. We mobilized to expand the conversation about the grieving process in society and this goes far beyond our personal stories. But little by little, our stories will appear in the posts with many others.

Is there a grieving process which is harder than another?

We are not psychologists and it is not up to us characterize pains and processes. Here, in this space, every grieving process is unique and everyone is welcome, each one with their pain and their paryicular way of dealing with loss.

What can help me? What can I do to suffer less in the face of such a sad loss?

Each one goes through grieving in a particular way … according to the relationship with the person who is gone, personality, support network, future projects, faith. We learned that there is no ready formula and no right or wrong. So, we try to bring here a lot of possibilities to inspire you and people to support you. You are the protagonist of this process and it is experiencing that you will discover what makes you feel good.