This project is an invitation to break the taboo. An inspiration and information channel for the ones who go through the grieving process and the ones who want to help

Reinvent life

Losing someone is also to feel lost. The way out is not in overcoming but in transforming.

When we lose someone it seems that we lose our own way. Things seem to stop making sense and we don’t recognize life anymore as we had done so far.

Joan Didion, American journalist and writer, describes this in a brilliant way in her book The year of magical thinking: “Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends”.

It is as if  nothing and everything changed at the same time. Life goes on as it has Always been and we are not the same as we have always been.

The important is to have the exact and clear idea that the grieving process is a transformation and nota n overcoming process. It is a painful way, with no final destination, but a calling for us to reinvent our own lives.

That is why we must accept the responsibility to allow the world to change and have new versions of itself, maybe even better versions.

Marina Papi Illustration for ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’
Marina Papi Illustration for ‘Let’s talk about grieving?’